Tipping Point

"The edge of discovery is the cusp of madness"

Feature Film
Psychological Thriller

The biggest solar storm in decades descends as young scientist Emily arrives at an isolated Scottish observatory. She unwittingly disturbs the solitude of resident researcher Gwen, who has formed a spiritual connection to the Northern Lights.


"vengeance will outlive you"

Feature Film

A grieving geneticist illegally infects an imprisoned activist with his experimental longevity serum to make him serve many life sentences.


Short Film

Reclusive pensioners Mavis and Maureen are faced with being moved into state care. Deciding prison would better, they try to commit a crime to get the right length of time inside while still keeping their morals.

I Saw a Chapel

Feature Film

Four people attempt to escape suburbia and experiment with communal life, but as the nature of their community shifts and an insidious hysteria grows we find ourselves experiencing the subtle rise of religious delirium from the inside.

All work © Aurora Fearnley
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